a second chance at life through organ donation

SHARE LIFE’s Mission: To increase awareness and momentum surrounding organ donation by growing the donor registry that gives life.


“My experience is that organ donation is not on your radar unless it becomes personal. But it can get personal very fast- ask my family and friends. We don’t think about our heart beating over 100,000 times a day, that we take over 20,000 breaths a day until we can’t. We usually don’t think about dying until someone says you are going to. We don’t think about the 117,000 people on the organ waiting list not knowing whether they are waiting to get the organ they need, or waiting to die. We can change that.”

  - Howard Romanoff, February 2013 

SHARE LIFE’s Goal is

to provide information on the issue of organ donation and help the efforts to increase the number of registered organ donors. The ability to transplant organs, bone, tissue, bone marrow and more enables people to literally save each others lives. Life-saving transplants are happening every day around the world – Yet, due to the low number of registered donors, many people are dying as they wait for the organs that can save them.

SHARE LIFE’s Founding Family

Howard Romanoff and his family became immersed in the issues surrounding organ donation in 2007, when Howard was diagnosed with Ideopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. Five long years later, Howard required a lung transplant and the Romanoffs faced firsthand the impossibly low numbers on the organ donor registry.Thankfully, Howard received his lungs in time, but many don’t. It was then that the Romanoffs knew they wanted to continue helping the efforts to increase awareness and education of organ donation, with the hope of sharing life to save more lives.

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